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GDPR and Cyber Security update for schools

On March 23, 2018 09:00 until March 23, 2018 12:00
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The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018 and is the result of four years’ work by the EU to bring data protection legislation into line with new, previously unforeseen ways that data is now used. This will impact on the policy and practice schools presently use to collect, process and share data.

Cyber security is an ever growing threat to government, businesses, individuals and schools with an estimated 3.6 million cases of fraud in the UK last year according to the Crime survey for England and Wales. Last year there were numerous reported cases of school systems being attacked, causing major disruption and multiple schools losing critical data through ransomware attacks. 
Keynote: GDPR: Sorting the fact from fiction - Andrew Williams 
Reports on the impact GDPR will have on small businesses and schools varies greatly and we are aware many schools have been contacted by organisations using ‘scaremongering’ tactics to encourage schools to purchase their services at inflated prices to ensure they are ‘GDPR compliant’. Andrew Williams will deliver a ‘myth busting’ session ensuring all schools have a clearer understanding of what GDPR means and how it could affect the way schools presently manage data.

Breakout session 1: Cyber security and the threat to schools - Jonny Hoy
Last year saw several high profile ‘WannaCry ransomware attacks’ on many public organisations including the NHS and schools causing massive disruption to services and the loss of large amounts of data. These attacks could have been prevented through updates to existing operating systems or firewalls. Jonny will give an overview of cyber-security and how it is affecting all our lives, personally and professionally. He will outline what steps schools can take to help ensure their technology networks and systems are not vulnerable to existing and future cyber-attacks. Jonny Hoy is a protect officer with the Yorkshire & Humber Regional Cyber Crime Unit PROTECT Team led by Police Sergeant, DS Shelton Newsham. The team are responsible for delivering the latest information on Cyber threats as well as advice and guidance to keep you, your family and your organisation safe online

Breakout session 2: Auditing data protection provision - Andrew Williams
Andrew will be demonstrating the 360data online data protection self-review tool highlighting the data protection and information security policies and procedures schools need to have in place. This will enable schools to do a quick audit of their own school’s provision and create an overview of an action plan to take back to school. The 360data online data protection self-review tool is a commercial product available to all schools. Andrew Williams is an Online Safety Consultant for the South West Grid for Learning having previously been part of the team delivering Online Safety and Digital Literacy Resources for Wales. He was ICT Strategic Manager within the School Improvement team in Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council for over 2 years. Andrew is experienced in advising schools on security and data protection.