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Welcome to the Bradford Learning Network

The Bradford Learning Network Team and your School Reference Group would like to warmly welcome you to the BLN. The BLN is a not for profit provider of Fast, Reliable and Secure Internet access for Educational establishments.

This site contains all the information you should need to know about the current BLN2 network and registration for your new BLN3 subscription. To learn more about what the BLN is click here or download our BLN3 brochure for Bradford Schools -  pdf BLN Brochure April 2015 (1.14 MB)  or our BLN Calderdale Brochure - BLN Calderdale June 2016

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There are currently 0 known issues


Office 365

There are currently 0 known issues

Some of the above calls logged with E-ICT may have been passed onto one of the suppliers and is therefore double counted in the above statistics.
Some of the Virgin Media calls were automatically generated by pro active alarms and may have resulted in no issue found
The length of time to close a call is sometimes dependent on feedback from school and is therefore not fully representative of the actual call resolution time

Bandwidth Usage

The below graph shows the accumulation off all BLN schools internet usage for the W/C 19 March 2018.