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BBC micro:bit

The micro:bit is small computer that costs just £11 and is an educational and creative tool to inspire a new generation of young people. It can be used across the curriculum, not just in STEM subjects. It can help give young people the knowledge and skills to move from being consumers of digital information, to being designers and creators of new tools to enhance learning, to solve problems or just to have fun, enabling them to make the most of 21st Century life and the economy.

Although you can purchase a physical device, you can still use the emulator and the programming is very similar to Scratch. A huge amount of secondary schools are using the micro:bit and this would be an exciting session for you and your pupils

We are offering a whole class session that can be delivered at the centre or at your school:

Half day session at School ( 1 class + free micro:bit) Subscribers £200 non Subscribers £250

Half day session here (1 class + free micro:bit) Subscribers £350 non Subscribers £300

Learn with Learners Session at the centre ( teacher +6 pupils) Subscribers £80 non Subscribers £100

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information