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Create amazing games and activities. You’ll either need to pay £7.99 to access the full content or log in with your Purple Mash user name and password.

Category:Make Games
KS1, KS2

GamePress is a game creation app that allows anyone to make the games of their imaginations with no programming or graphic design. Whether you have a story to tell, a topic to teach, or just want to play a game, GamePress allows you to create, share, and play right on your iPad. GamePress is fun, creative, and entertaining.

GamePress is great for beginners.

If you’re new to making games, our interactive guide will help you make your first game in minutes!

GamePress includes all the necessary tools to create the games of your imagination.

Don’t just make games, play them too!

With the GamePress Arcade you can share your games to the world, and even play other users’ games.

Category:Make Games
Sketch Nation

Draw and photograph your own characters and build your own Doodle Jump style game.

Category:Make Games
DeviceiPad, iPod
KS1, KS2
Tiny Tap

Draw on the screen or take an photo. Turn areas of the screen into hotspots with the right answer, Create your own games by getting players to click on the area with the right answer. This could easily be used by children to create spelling, grammar or maths activities.

Category:Make Games