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Associate Detectives

We are both very excited about the opportunity to work with associate detectives friom schools in the Bradford region. There seems to be a wealth of sleuthing talent out there and we are sure your contributions to this year’s mystery will be invaluable as we try to crack this puzzling case. We will continue to email you and publish information on this site with regard to how the case is progressing and hopefully we can solve it over the coming weeks.

Below are the associate detectives for this year

Hello, I am Hezeus - a crime-solving machine! If there is a crime, call me. I’m 27 years old and I began my career at Ss Peter & Paul Primary School in Yeadon. 

I am now at the University of Bradford but will be leaving soon as I’m simply too clever for the course!  I’ve got rainbow eyes that help me see things you can’t, e.g. I have night vision and also I can see footprints which are invisible to everyone else!

My main power is solving puzzles, especially crimes.  Most of my experience has centred around working on the BIGGEST crimes in England. I am the best associate detective to join your team – I think you will find I have the necessary skills and qualifications!  :D          

I am Amazing Archie, the well-known crime solver from East Morton.

I am an incredible detective and no crimes get past me. My Dad is one of the best crime solvers in the world so it obviously comes in the family.

I want to be a detective because I enjoy investigating and I would make sure the innocent are never blamed. I always look at the small details to make sure puzzles are always solved.

I am also good at creeping up on people and can be silent when necessary.

My other hobbies include cycling and swimming. 

I am called Mark Wetherby and I studied law at Oxford.

I have solved many crime puzzles with my companion Amy Hudson (who is one of the most intelligent people on earth).

With my eagle eyes I can spot objects which are relevant to the crime.

My companion helps me with the crimes and together we have solved over 2000 mysteries. We are looking forward to this next challenge.

I am Agent Williams and I am the most intelligent spy around. I began to study investigations and police records at Bradford University until I realised I could go further than this.

Much further. I accomplish every task I put my mind to, logical and analytical no mystery remains unsolved for long my powers of deduction enable me to focus, with my well developed powers of concentration, on details others miss.

I always prepare for the worse case scenario ensuring all possible outcomes are realised. I enjoy sitting back and observing all clues, all mistakes are avoided and identified goals are reached.

If you have a problem I’m your girl!

I am Clever Carys and I am 11 years old. I have been solving small problems over the last couple of years and I want to be able to solve larger crimes.

I have an amazing assistant called Billy Bob. He is as intelligent as I am. We love working together (we also have the good looks as well.) When we solve a crime together it is never one of us it is always teamwork.

I have solved over 1000 small crimes in the last year alone. It was only last week that Billy Bob and I won an award for being the cleverest detectives in the town.

We are now looking to take on a much bigger challenge and feel we are the best detectives for the job!

Hi my name is Malorie Blackman.

I live in London where I have spent my life solving crimes and mysteries.

I have roamed all over London and have taken many trips over many countries.

Whatever the case maybe I will be there. I have had a phone call calling me to the hardest mission.

Growing up as a hero is my duty but I need your help!