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Our Educational Projects

Our service has over 10 years of experience working successfully with schools and other partners evaluating the impact of a range of technologies on raising attainment and pupil engagement across the curriculum. Some of these projects have been grant funded, some have been fi nanced through partnering with external funding organisations and others have been delivered freely or through cost recovery from the schools involved. Several of these projects have resulted in the centre or teachers participating in the projects winning or being short listed for several national awards.

Media Literacy Project
It is widely acknowledged that film and other media have the capacity to inspire children to become more active, engaged, and expert readers and writers. In late 2010 Learning and Curriculum consultants from Bradford’s Children’s Services worked in close partnership with the National Media Museum and the British Film Institute to deliver a CPD programme to enable Primary teachers to utilise film in the Primary classroom with the aim of raising standards in boys’ writing. Data from this pilot project suggested using film in this way signifi cantly raised engagement and attainment in Literacy and in 2012 we launched the 3 year Media Literacy Leaders project.

The Primary Film Literacy provision is the legacy we have developed and will be running in the future based on the experiences and successes of the Media Literacy Project. This will be available to all schools regionally and nationally and can be developed to a bespoke provision to meet the needs of school partnerships on request. The Bradford Primary Film Literacy 2015 - 2016 programme is available to any schools in the Bradford region

Digital Leader Academy
The Digital Leader Academy was developed to provide a quality learning experience for teachers who want to develop their own Digital Leaders. The provision is designed to enable students to be experts and advocates of using appropriate technologies in schools, allowing them to act as ambassadors and peer mentors for staff and other students. We have worked with over 80 schools producing approximately 500
Digital Leaders in the last 4 years (we believe this is the largest concentration of Digital Leaders in any authority in the country).

Scratch Maths
ScratchMaths is a free randomised control trial that seeks to establish how the learning of computer programming in Scratch can improve Mathematics performance at KS2.

Jaguar Maths in Motion Challenge
The Curriculum Innovation team have worked with many Bradford schools over the last 10 years enabling pupils across the authority to maximise the potential of the Jaguar Maths in Motion Challenge. The online software is designed to raise attainment and engagement in Mathematics in upper KS2 and KS3. 

We work in over a 100 schools in the Bradford region developing and delivering a vast range of exciting provision that cannot be captured in this publication but is recorded regularly on our Curriculum blog and Film Literacy blog
These blogs contain detailed case studies from schools and concise descriptions of the innovative and effective practice taking place across the region. Recent posts have included:
• Media Literacy project case studies and impact data
• The Book Monster project
• CoderDojo
• Green screening
• Minecraft and 3D printing
• Teaching with tablets