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Micro:Bit Buggy Challenge

Design, print, etch, build and program your buggy to compete against other schools across the region. The National Computing Curriculum was rewritten to enable children to achieve challenges like this!

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Pupils will be asked to create various designs for the wheels and covering shell for a buggy using free 3D software. The school can then decide on their best designs and send them to us at the Centre and we will 3D print the designs and post them back out to your school. You will be provided with a base design for the chassis and pupils will design a logo for the front of their buggy. We will custom etch each chassis with your logo and post it out to your school.

We will provide you with the necessary components to create your buggy including battery holder, Micro:bit, the motor driver board and motors. You will needbatteries, glue and scissors. Full video instructions and online support will enable you to build your buggy using the components provided and the 3D printed and etched elements you designed as part of the project.

The Micro:bit is coded via a free online editor and pupils will create code to control their buggy in order for the buggy to drive around a variety of obstacle courses. As each vehicle will have different wheels and shell pupils will have to calibrate their code to ensure it can be controlled around the various obstacle courses. The code is easily transferred to the buggy with the provided micro USB cable.





At the end of the project all the schools will be brought together with their buggies to compete against each other to master a final obstacle course with the winning school being awarded the Micro:bit Buggy Challenge Trophy.

• Schools can enter any number of buggies in the challenge.
• The project is aimed at Year 5, 6 and 7 pupils.
• A half day training session for staff modelling all aspects of the challenge is provided
• Video tutorials to guide you and the pupils through all the elements of the project will be available online.
• Skype / live video sessions will be offered to provide further support to the project.
• The project will run for approximately 6 - 8 weeks in the Autumn term 2017 and would suit an after school club.
• The Face to Face Challenge will be in December 2017.

The cost of the project is £350 (£299 for subscribing schools) and includes all the parts, staff training, online videos and support and the Face to Face Challenge. Extra buggy kits can be purchased for £40 each.