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Digital Leader Academy Plus 19 - 20 Cohort 1

On October 22, 2019
Led by Paul Scott
Categories: Curriculum Innovation
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Session 1 22/10/19 Session 2 28/01/20


The Digital Leader Academy Plus Programme has been created to enable existing Digital Leaders to continue their development after successfully completing the Digital Leader Academy Programme. It allows Digital Leaders to achieve some of the more difficult level 1 badges and some level 2 badges.

Our Digital Leader Academy Plus Programme enables children to:

  • Develop their communication and presentation skills taking into consideration the audience involved.
  • Demonstrate simple action plans to ensure they meet identified outcomes in an organised and effective manner.
  • Understand the concept of Online Learning and create their own Online Learning resources.
  • Develop their role as an ambassador for the school by collaborating and communicating effectively with other schools using Edmodo.

The Digital Leader Academy Plus Programme runs 2 cohorts over the year where a member of staff and 6 children receive 2 half day training sessions, a virtual school visit and a celebration event. Included is full support for staff and children for a year through the online Edmodo platform and the award of Digital Leader virtual badges and certificates for achievements completed by the pupils.

Session 1 22/10/19             09:30 – 11:45

Revisit their Digital Leader role as an ambassador, communicator and technologist through a formal presentation. Analyse and identify key aspects of good presentations and create and deliver a quality presentation to the group. Understand the need to develop and use simple action plans to ensure their Digital Leader activity is effective and begin the process of action planning to meet their school’s needs. Record their success regularly on Edmodo.

Virtual school visit TBC

Pupils will learn to set up a Skype call and relay the impact of session 1 on their school. They will also create a corresponding blog post to be shared on our Digital Leader Blog.

Session 2 28/01/2020         09:30 – 11:45

Pupils deliver a short and effective presentation on their Digital Leader successes so far. They will investigate various forms of Online Learning content and discover how to create screen captured video to create short tutorial videos that can be uploaded to share with others.

Celebration event 30/06/20

Pupils share group and individual successes within their schools and become accredited Digital Leaders.

All training is delivered at the Innovation Centre and the cost of the programme is £450 (£360 for subscribing schools) for all the above training for a maximum of six pupils.