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Device: Android


Make as many words as you can from the random selection of letters. Challenging and fun. (Android £1.49)

DeviceiPad, iPod, Android
KS1, KS2
ClayFrames Lite

Simple android stop motion animation app. This is free but there is also a paid for version for £1.59 here

Comic Strip It Pro

With Comic Strip It you can make compelling comic strips and story boards instantly, wherever you go.
Use images from your gallery or take new photos directly into your comic strip, then position, resize, and rotate each frame.

Add captions, titles, speech bubbles and more. Apply image effects to each frame to create a comic-book feel, then share via all your social platforms.

Educators can get up and running quickly with this great kick-start guide from Google Play for Education:

KS2, Y4, Y5, Y6
Excel Online

Create, edit and share Excel spreadsheets.

KS2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6
Fix The Factory

Fix the Factory is the cool new puzzle game from Lego Mindstorms featuring a cool humanoid robot, ev3rstorm, and a robot factory with battery packs dropped in all the wrong places…

Meet EV3RSTORM, the cool Lego Mindstorms robot who can walk, rotate, grab, shoot and put the misplaced battery packs at the Nogo factory back in their right place - if you tell him the right moves to do it!

Help EV3RSTORM navigate the massive NOGO factory maze and put the dislocated batteries back in place to proceed to the next level. But watch out, it’s not as easy as it seems. And you never know which challenges the floors inside the factory are going to present to you!

Fix The Factory is an addictive puzzle game full of unexpected obstacles that are guaranteed to challenge your logic thinking, your spatial intelligence and your robot commanding skills.

Category:Learn to code
DeviceiPad, iPod, Android
Foundation Maths

Aimed at EYFS children the free version has sixty questions. The questions can be tapped on to be read out.

FX Guru

Shoot video and overlay explosions, crash landing satellites, spaceships and more. Great for using as a stimulus for writing. In and amongst great video overlays such as alien spaceships landing there are inapproprite oneswith horror based content. If you craete a video using this app we would only install this on a teacher device and use it as a stimulus rather than letting children use it.

Google Docs

Create, edit, and collaborate with others on documents from your iPod, iPhone, iPad or other tablets with the free Google Docs app. With Google Docs you can:

* Create new documents or edit any that were created on the web or on another device
* Share documents and work together with others in the same document at the same time
* Open, edit, and save Microsoft Word documents
* Get stuff done anytime  even without an internet connection
* Add and respond to comments
* Never worry about losing your work everything is automatically saved as you type
* Protect your documents with a 4-digit passcode 

DeviceiPad, iPod, Android
KS1, KS2, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6
Google Drive

Work together to create documents and spreadsheets on different devices at the same time.

Use the Google Docs element of Google drive to create simple documents. More than one person can write and edit, work can be shared with teachers for commenting and marking.  Includes speech recogntition so words sentences can  be dictated

 Also accessible on computers. You need a Google account to use Drive. Sign up for a Google account to use with your class or speak to us about setting up your school with Google Apps for Education

Google Slides

Google Slides makes your ideas shine with a variety of presentation themes, thousands of fonts, embedded video, animations, and more. All for free.

KS2, Y4, Y5, Y6
Interactive Time Telling

Interactive Telling Time is great for kids from ages 3 to 12 and comes in 5 difficulty levels so that it helps kids master telling time progressively (statistics is provided to help keep track of your child’s progress).

Beautifully illustrated with many adorable clock designs and accompanied by encouraging voice-overs and cheerful background music, this app creates a kid-friendly environment to enhance their learning experience.

The free version has less games and activities

DeviceiPad, iPod, Android
KS1, KS2

Read Kindle books on your iPad or Android. Most publishers allow you to put the same book on seven devices with the Kindle app. After this you’ll need another Amazon account for the next seven devices.

You can also use a Kindle account to email your pupil’s work to any device with a Kindle account.

DeviceiPad, iPod, Android

Who says a car has to drive on wheels, when it works just as well with legs or helicopter blades?

Build your own truck-copter, brick-up truck, or cabrio van to transport your cargo to its correct destination. It's up to you whether you drive, fly or hop! The more you build, and the more coins you collect, the more parts you get to choose from.

DeviceiPad, iPod, Android



Loads of free maths apps

EYFS, KS1, KS2, EYFS, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6
Mind Over Monster English

Click the correct answer and ignore the wrong ones to win points. Designed by Learn Direct the app contains five levels and twenty one rounds of increasing difficulty challenging knowledge of spelling and punctuation.

DeviceiPad, iPod, Android
KS1, KS2
Mr Thorne does Phonics

Apps that have the video content from Mr Thornes web site and Youtube videos with some extras. One Android app is free and prices are £0.99-£2.99

Category:Improve Phonics
DeviceiPad, iPod, Android
KS1, KS2

Padlet is not an app but a web site. Go to and create a board. You choose a simple web address that pupils can go to. They can add ideas to the board in the form of sticky notes to collect ideas.


Photo Editor by BeFunky

Photo Editor by BeFunky. Anything you want to do to your photo, you can do with BeFunky Photo Editor! With all the photo effects you love and many you won’t find anywhere else, BeFunky Photo Editor is the most feature filled photo editing app in the world!
BeFunky Photo Editor comes stocked with powerful photo editing tools, an amazing collage maker, tons of fonts (tons more now because you can access all the fonts in your device!), fantastic photo frames, overlays, and a bunch of great goodies and stickers. 

DeviceiPad, iPod, Android
Pic Collage

Take photos and add to a collage. Add text. Simple and easy to use. Create a collage of the real life 3D shapes in school. Make a poster stepping through a calculation

DeviceiPad, iPod, Android