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Year: KS1

1 Teaching Activity CS1 Lolly Stick Algorithms

Children learn what an algorithm is. They sequence commands in an existing algorithm before making lolly stick puppets and writing their own.

1 Teaching Activity CS4

In this activity children think about all the different electrical devices they have at home. They  create a collage and  write an algorithm to describe how a device can be operated.

1 Teaching Activity CS7 Prediction with Scratch Junior

Children examine code and predict what it will do. They match up algorithms to code then create code to ask other
groups to predict. They then run each block of code to check if their predictons were correct.

1 Teaching Activity CS9 Debug Pre defined programs.

This activity solely focusses on debugging pre written programs so children can concentrate on the debugging process as a separate activity to writing their own programs. Children learn what bugs are. They learn and use the debugging process. This means going through
the process of identfying what a program should do if it is working properly , observing what actually happens in
the program, identfying the part that don’t work and debugging the code. The actvity also stresses the importance
of resilience and perseverance.

1 Teaching Activity M1 Making Books in Book Creator

Children are given time to play  typing games to familiarize themselves with keyboard layouts. They then use Book Creator to create their own short book in which they use basic word processing skills and add pictures.

2 Simple Software

Lots of great apps here! Mashcam is great!

2 Teaching Activity CS1 Human Mazes

Children use positonal and directonal language to control movements of other pupils which are writen as

2 Teaching Activity CS2 Floor Robot Mazes

This activity builds on the CS1 teaching activity Human Robot Mazes in which children used algorithms to navigate a maze. Now they do the same thing using floor robots. This is easiest to do in a larger space such as a hall. In this teaching activity we use Beebots but other floor robots could be used instead.


Create amazing games and activities. You’ll either need to pay £7.99 to access the full content or log in with your Purple Mash user name and password.

Category:Make Games
KS1, KS2
ABC Pocket Phonics

Allows children to trace letters and repeat their sounds. PocketPhonics is used in over a hundred UK primary schools and pre-schools to teach kids letter sounds, first words and handwriting. It follows the national curriculum. Independent research (see found children learnt nine times as fast using PocketPhonics as compared to a classroom lesson.

Category:Improve Phonics
DeviceiPad, iPod
ABCYA Melody Maker

A simple site allowing children to create simple pieces of music

Bar Charts

Loads of bar charts  for kids to interpret great for a whole class activity

Category:Data Handling

Program the beebot to navigate a series of courses that get progressively harder

Category:Learn to code
DeviceiPad, iPod
Beebot Pyramid

Use directional language, sequence and logical thinking to guide the beebot to the treasure hidden in the pyramid whilst avoiding the mummies. A series of twelve levels to master.

Category:Learn to code
Book Creator

Click here to warch our short video tutorial (login needed)

This is the only app to consider for creating digital books. Don't put the free one on your iPads as you can only make one book and yopu need to delete everything to start over again. If there is one app that is worth paying then this it it.

KS1, KS2
Book Creator

Now also available to use via Google Chrome. See our tutorial here.One of the essential iPad apps. Please see our video tutorials here. Book Creator allows students to add text, images and videos from the camera roll, direct video recordings and photos from the camera, voice recordings, music from Garageband, drawings, speech bubbles, thought bubbles and shapes to a page. You can also opt for comic book laouts to create comics. As you can insert anything from the camera roll, Book Creator becomes a great place to showcase animations, films, paintings explanaotory videos and more.  Books save as PDFs, videos or ePubs with plans in the pipeline to publish directly to the web. Available for iPad, Android and Windows 10.

Cato's Hike

Essentially, 'Cato’s Hike' is a universal game for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to teach kids and young children basic programming skills. The younger ones will obviously enjoy solving levels using simpler coding techniques but the hope is the older ones will pick up more advanced concepts like loops and branching as well as even more advanced concepts like a basic stack or memory! 

Category:Learn to code
DeviceiPad, iPod
KS1, KS2, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6

Make as many words as you can from the random selection of letters. Challenging and fun. (Android £1.49)

DeviceiPad, iPod, Android
KS1, KS2
Clicker Docs

Turn your iPad into a word processor with differentiated settings and word banks

KS1, KS2