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What is CoderDojo?

CoderDojo is an open source, volunteer led movement orientated around running free not-for-profit coding clubs and regular sessions for young people. Since CoderDojo is open source all Dojos are different and completely autonomous!

At Dojos, young people learn how to code, develop websites, apps, programs, games and more. Dojos are set up, run by and taught at by volunteers. In addition to learning to code, members meet like minded people, show off what they’ve been working on and so on. CoderDojo makes development and learning to code a fun, sociable experience. CoderDojo also puts a strong emphasis on open source and free software, and has a strong network of members and volunteers globally. CoderDojo has just one rule: “Above All: Be Cool“, bullying, lying, wasting people’s time and so on is uncool. 

Paul Scott is the Bradford CoderDojo Champion and hosted our first Dojo on Saturday 25th October  2014

The Dojo is an informal space where you bring your own laptop / device and happily code away for the duration of the session.

Many children are doing coding at school and arrive at a Dojo with software such as Scratch already installed and work through projects independently or in collaboration with other attendees.

Free refreshments will be available courtesy of the Innovation centre, come and join us! More information about CoderDojo can be found here

Details of the Bradford CoderDojo can be found here if you are interested in being involved please contact us via the links on this page.

More information can be found on our blog here.

The Dojo is open to any child in KS2 and KS3 and KS4 but is limited to 30 students. To attend you have to bring your own laptop and attend with an adult member of your family who will remain with you throughout the session. You must also register to attend.

Below are the dates for the Dojos during the next academic year. A registration link will appear next to the date a few weeks before the session start date.

All Dojos are on a Saturday morning 09:30 - 12:00

Dojo Date Registration
CoderDojo January 28/01/2017 This event is now full!
CoderDojo February 18/02/2017 This event is now full!
CoderDojo March 25/03/2017 This event is now full!
CoderDojo April 29/04/2017 Available here
CoderDojo May 20/05/2017 Available soon
CoderDojo June 17/06/2017 Available soon
CoderDojo July 15/07/2017 Available soon
No Coderdojo August    
Coderdojo September 30/09/2017 Available soon
CoderDojo October 28/10/2017 Available soon
CoderDojo November 25/11/2017 Available soon
CoderDojo December 16/12/2017 Available soon