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The Computing at School (CAS) Working Group aims to promote the teaching of computer science at school.

CAS is a grass roots organisation, whose energy, creativity, and leadership comes from its members. The primary aim of the CASl group is to directly support teachers promote the teaching of computing in schools. One way to achieve this is to provide teachers with a local forum to share ideas and mutual interests. These hubs form the foundation of much of the work of CAS, they seek to provide:

  • the opportunity for teachers to meet in a relaxed and informal atmosphere
  • to share ideas and resources
  • to receive training, and
  • to gain mutual support from discussing teaching methods with colleagues.

Furthermore, CAS derives much benefit from drawing in members from Universities and industry as well as schools. The CAS hub provides a unique opportunity to meet colleagues from local higher education institutions and local employers.

A CAS hub is a meeting of teachers and lecturers who wish to share their ideas for developing the teaching of computing in their schools, their classrooms and their community. It is a meeting of like-minded professionals with the general objective of supporting each other and the specific aim of providing (at least) one idea that can be taken and tried in the classroom.

The Bradford CAS Hub is run by Paul Scott from Bradford Council's Curriculum Innovation service and Christine Harvey from Bradford Grammar School, details can be found here.