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BLN3 Video Streaming Advice

Christmas has finally arrived and in between all the glitter and nativity performances many schools allow pupils more free time on the internet which often involves watching videos.  Video streaming is allowed across the BLN at all schools and it is up to you how you wish to manage this.  Our recommendation would be to place a temporary limit on the amount of bandwidth video streaming can use which will allow other internet traffic, such as email, to still work effectively.

When streaming video, a single video can use between 3Mb and 7Mb of bandwidth depending upon the quality of the stream.  On a 10Mb connection, even at only 3Mb per video, if 4 of your classrooms are all streaming at the same time, all your bandwidth is suddenly gone!  This will mean other users trying to do things online will find it very slow to use and may even get ‘page cannot be displayed’ type error messages. Therefore, we recommend you put a limit in place so at least 2Mb (of a 10Mb connection) is kept spare for other users to browse.  Schools who have larger connections such as 100Mb plus may let students stream but we would still recommend enforcing a limit.

Limits can be put in place for one off instances or on a permanent basis.  If you would like to put a limit in place and you do not manage your Smoothwall device, please log a call with the service desk on 01274 439300.