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BLN3 Cost Overview


How much will it cost if we renew with the BLN?
The overall cost for BLN3 is dependent on the size of the school and the services that you require.  There are 2 core elements to the BLN which all schools must pay, but all other charges are dependent upon school need.  All contracts will run until March 2019.

Core Charges

- Virgin Media IPVPN connection (cost dependent on the size and type of the connection you require)

£6 per FTE pupil charge

PLEASE NOTE:  The prices listed below are for schools that are already BLN3 connected customers but if you aren't yet, they should give you a good idea of what you can expect to pay.  There will be a differentiation in price as there will be installation charges to pay in the first year however we may be able to split these costs over the duration of your contract.  If you are a new school who wishes to join BLN3 or a current customer who would like pricing to upgrade to a connection size not listed, please contact a member of the team who can provide you with a full quotation by completing the contact form here -

Connection Type Cost per year
FTTC 40Mbps Download £2,400 + £6 x FTE Pupil
FTTP 10Mbps on a 100Mb bearer £2,500 + £6 x FTE Pupil
FTTP 20Mbps on a 100Mb bearer £3,000 + £6 x FTE Pupil
FTTP 40Mbps on a 100Mb bearer £3,500 + £6 x FTE Pupil
FTTP 100Mbps on a 1Gb bearer £4,400 + £6 x FTE Pupil
FTTP 200Mbps on a 1Gb bearer £5,750 + £6 x FTE Pupil
FTTP 300Mbps on a 1Gb bearer £6,525 + £6 x FTE Pupil

For an average sized primary school on a 10Mbps Fibre connection this equates to approximately £5,020.  For an average sized secondary school on a 100Mbps connection this equates to approximately £11,000

These 2 costs added together provide you with your selected IPVPN connection, access to everything at the core of the network and a Smoothwall UTM device for your firewall and filtering in school.  All training on these products is provided for free during the year or you can opt for the E-ICT service desk to manage these for you.  Pricing for their service is outlined below.

If you would like to know why we use this model rather than just charging a lump sum price, please take a look at our FAQ section.

Optional Services

- Enhanced E-ICT Support £200 (only applicable if you require E-ICT to manage your filtering, firewall and DNS policies.  This can be managed by school providing somebody has received the relevant training on managing the Smoothwall and using the infoblox DNS portal).

-Email Support £50 (only applicable if you use the BLN Office365 email service and do not want to manage user accounts yourself).

All of these services are payable annually to CBMDC.  Dependent upon when you join the BLN, you will be charged a Pro Rata invoice until April then a 1 year annual invoice thereafter.

EducationCity have offered BLN3 schools an exclusive discount on their standard package which includes the Mathematics, English & Literacy and Science modules.  Other modules are also available at a discount when purchased with a standard package.  The costs are a one off charge which are payable at the start of your contract and will run until the end of your BLN3 contract.

For more information on the standard package and the modules available please take a look at the EducationCity website here -  ..