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BLN4 Website Filtering

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The BLN provides all schools with a Smoothwall firewall and filtering device which will be locally installed in school.  We understand that it is important to be able to keep your pupils and staff safe, whilst being able to teach effectively and utilise great resources over the internet. Smoothwall was originally designed specifically for the education market and it is currently used by more than 7,000 schools across the UK and has contracts with over 100 UK councils. Smoothwall meets the full DfE criteria for Educational Webfiltering.  It has recently developed more in-depth reporting which better supports schools with their safeguarding responsibilities and the Prevent agenda.

What does Smoothwall do?

The Smoothwall device acts as a firewall to protect your internal school network from external threats as well as providing personalised filtering of web content for all users connected to your network. It can also provide Layer 7 application management, which allows the school to manage bandwidth hungry applications.

Smoothwall integrates with your school Active Directory, meaning when a user logs on to their computer in school they will automatically be given the filtering policy that you have applied to them.  Different policies can be given to different groups of students, different groups of staff and even different rooms within the school building.  Reports can then show what individual users have been accessing on the internet.  The Prevent portal highlights users who have accessed content such as that relating to radicalisation or self harm, along with their browsing history, to build up a clear picture of the user's behaviour.

Some of the main features of the Smoothwall include:-

Content filtering on all devices including Chromebooks with various forms of authentication methods
Dynamic Content Analysis to accurately categorise and block all undesirable content instantly
Over 100 categories making it easier to manage the content you wish to allow / block
Personalised 'block' pages so users know who to contact if they are blocked from content they want to access
Enforced Safe Search and blocking of specific search terms
Flexible social media controls including read only access to Facebook and removal of comments from Youtube
Bandwidth limits by content, user, time or location
Filtering of HTTPS traffic

Multi tenant management is also available, so an academy chain can have all of their devices managed by one lead school. Alternatively, individual schools can have access to their own boxes to make any changes as required, providing the user has received the necessary training on how to manage the box. 3 free training sessions are held per year at The Innovation Centre Bradford.  For those who would like a managed service approach or need additional support looking after their box, they are able to buy into the E-ICT helpdesk, who can make any changes on your behalf over the phone.  A full 3 year hardware warranty is included and if the device fails, you will receive a new box installed with your latest backup which is kept centrally.

Schools will be provided with either an S4 or S8 Smoothwall model dependant upon the size of the school. 

To see the full Smoothwall datasheet please click here *


*Everything on the data sheet is included at no additional cost with the exception of the Gateway Anti-Malware which is not required.