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BLN4 Office 365 Management

The BLN offers all schools free access to the Microsoft Office 365 mail system developed specifically for use in education. Office 365 integrates seamlessly with Outlook 2007 or above, has a 50Gb inbox storage allowance and shared calendar functionality. Emails can be viewed on a school managed smartphone or tablet device. Once registered you get a 1TB OneDrive account (personal online storage) and access to Microsoft Office 2010 online applications including Sharepoint 2010. Office 365 enables teachers to teach children how to use email in a safe and controlled environment.

Office 365 is GDPR compliant and has an optional free higher level of encryption for sensitive emails that need to be sent outside of your organisation.

Schools on the BLN tenant or schools requiring assistance with Office 365 can buy into a support package from the BLN team at a cost of £50 per annum. This includes user management (creating, resetting and deleting accounts) as well as creating email reports and message traces.