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BLN4 Education ICT Helpdesk

Our helpdesk service is based in Bradford and has over 18 years combined experience supporting schools with issues related to the BLN and in a recent survey over 85% schools found the service to be excellent.

Whilst all schools can contact the Education ICT helpdesk to report faults, access to enhanced support is optional. Schools with a Network Manager may instead choose to deal with our suppliers directly.

All of the E-ICT helpdesk engineers are Smoothwall trained and can make any fltering / frewall changes you require, as well as being able to make DNS changes on the Virgin Media DNS portal service. Should any issues occur they will report and liaise directly with the BLN4 suppliers in order to resolve your request as smoothly as possible.

The cost to receive this service is £200 annually.

For further information about the E-ICT helpesk please visit -