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BLN4 Documentation inc SLA's

Below are copies of the BLN4 SLAs, Terms and Conditons, Code of Connection and Customer Support Plan.

What is a SLA?

SLA stands for 'Service Level Agreement' and is a contract between the service provider and the end user that defines the level of service the end user should expect to receive from the provider and any expectations the provider may have on the end user. 

It is important to recognise that any 'fix times' that are stated do not mean the fault will be definitely fixed within that time frame. The period of time given is the timescale in which the supplier will endeavour to work to.  Some SLAs offer service credits if the fix time is not met.  

The BLN team have monthly meetings with all of the suppliers to ensure that the SLAs are being adhered to and to discuss any service improvements needed.

What does the BLN4 SLA look like?

Below are the SLAs from all of our suppliers.  These are documents that you don't really need to understand (that's our job!) but they are available for you to view.  A good overview of all these documents can be found in the Customer Support Plan.


BLN4 Services Agreement and Terms and Conditions (T&C's)

BLN4 Code of Connection

Smoothwall Support Agreement

Virgin Media SLA

Customer Support Plan

pdf Office 365 Email Support (146 KB)

BLN4 Communication Plan