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BLN4 Visigo

Visigo Logo withR Smoothwall Turquoise transparent background 01What is Visigo? (Pronounced viz-ee-go)
Visigo is a service which moderates any text viewed or input onto a device which may be of concern.  The content is analysed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and human specialists, so you have peace of mind that if an incident does arise, you will be alerted by an expert moderator.  The service is monitored 24/7, 365 days per year, so if a pupil or member of staff takes a school device home, you know they are being protected.  Visigo displays reports and screenshots through a portal meaning you can quickly access all the required data you need to deal with the issue effectively.

Key features of Visigo include:-

Smart Profiling - Builds an up to the minute profile of activity per individual
Text Analysis - Captures all input text including text within encrypted sites and apps
24/7, 365 dayhuman moderation
Language Support, including local languages, slang, abbreviations and more
Artificial Intelligence, reducing false positives
Automatic software updates
Portal access to review alerts
Multi-device support including Chromebooks
Minimal performance impact on the device 

Doesn't the Smoothwall do this already?
The Smoothwall blocks inappropriate web content and reports on users trying to access this content.  It does not monitor what users are typing into applications such as Microsoft Word or on chat sites and most importantly, it relies on you to actively look at the reports to work out if an issue needs to be investigated. If a user accessed the Childline website, for example, this content would not get blocked but you might need to understand why the user visited the site. This is where the human moderators at Visigo come into play.  The moderators are not there to 'spy' on users and the technology is incredibly complex in its design, so the moderators are only notified of particular incidents.  Although the majority of serious incidents are generated at secondary schools, a lot of inappropriate use also happens at a primary school level and without active monitoring being in place, incidents can easily be missed.   

Do I have to have desktop monitoring software installed?
It is not a legal requirement to have desktop monitoring.  You need to ensure you are protecting your users and have policies and procedures in place which are effective in achieving this. There are other products available which can also achieve the same results, but, most involve members of staff in school managing all of the reports and this can be incredibly time consuming.  Schools who currently have desktop monitoring software across their devices in school find it makes a significant difference in being able to proactively support their pupils and staff with potential safeguarding issues.

How much does it cost?
Visigo is an optional extra to purchase as part of your BLN4 contract.  Pricing is a one off charge for a 3 year contract but the cost can be spread over the 3 year period at no extra charge. The cost for a primary / special school is £1.53 per pupil and £5.90 per pupil for a secondary school.  Visigo does work even if you do not have a Smoothwall box onsite, If you are a Bradford school who is not on the BLN but would like Visigo, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a 'Visigo Only' Quotation.  

Can I still buy eSafe?
Yes you can but you will need to procure this directly with eSafe.  We currently understand that pricing is approximately £1.80 per pupil for a primary school and £7.35 per pupil for a secondary school but eSafe will be able to provide you with a personalised quote on request.  This pricing is again based on a 3 year contract but this will be payable upfront directly to eSafe, you will not be able to split the cost over the 3 year period.